Monitoring services

Asset Tracking

The vehicles you use to transfer goods and services aren’t the only assets that can take advantage of GPS-based solutions. Through the simple and quick installation of small, mountable asset-tracking hardware on your assets, you can easily monitor the location of your equipment via your laptop or smart device. If your business needs a more effective way to track moveable or fixed assets, providing increased security and accurate planning, a GPS asset tracking system is the right option. With asset tracking, you have a choice between real-time tracking and mapping capabilities of your valuable assets and less than real time tracking providing location updates up to once per minute. Whether you are delivering consumer goods, transporting construction equipment or wanting to monitor a high-priced generator on a job site, GPS tracking of your assets offers the power you need to stay in control, even when those assets leave your facility or are staged away from your facility.

Auto Tracking

Whether your company uses a single car or entire fleet for sales, service or deliveries, you need a reliable GPS automobile tracker system from Satelistar. Car tracking devices provide real-time speed and location updates for each car to help you determine where the vehicle has been, where it’s going and how fast it’s traveling. You can even set parameters in advance and receive real-time alerts about a car that is speeding or has deviated from the predetermined route.

Bus Tracking System

An advanced bus tracking system from Satelistar lets you know where your buses are, when they will arrive at certain stops and even how fast they are traveling. With the detailed reporting capabilities of the right tracking system, you can provide outstanding customer service and improve efficiency, profitability, safety and security. GPS bus tracking systems are an essential component of the modern public transportation system. If your city has a viable population, you can enjoy significant bus tracking benefits by monitoring your fleet and improving cost efficiency, safety and profitability. Private bus companies will notice similar benefits when using the right tracking system.

Business Tracking

Companies that rely on ground transportation use GPS tracking for business vehicles. Service companies — those that provide cable, plumbing or repairs, for example — use business GPS tracking for communication and planning. Companies that deliver goods, whether long distance or across town, use GPS tracking to find efficient routes and keep customers informed. What’s more, companies of all types use vehicle tracking to keep a closer eye on employee activities.

Equipment Tracking

Businesses improve security when they keep a close eye on their equipment. Your business depends on your ability to track inventory from site to site. Whether it’s a small cable van making the rounds with expensive equipment or a truck filled with building material, you want to know where it is. With GPS vehicle tracking, you can better communicate with shipping and receiving crews as well as individual customers. You can also act more quickly to recover stolen trucks.

Heavy Equipment & Trailer Tracking

Heavy equipment is a big investment, which is why it’s so important to keep your equipment running at peak performance levels. Idling, aggressive driving, fuel waste and unauthorized or rough use can make your equipment more expensive to operate and maintain. Installing an effective tracking solution from Satelistar helps extend the useful life of your heavy equipment and trailers.

School Bus Tracking

A school bus tracking system tells you where your buses are, when they will arrive at various locations, and how carefully they are being driven. With a school bus tracking solution from Satelistar, you can coordinate bus schedules among a district’s schools, improve on-time performance and increase safety.

School bus tracking software reporting lets you verify routes and schedules, change routes to accommodate a new housing development, avoid traffic congestion and track driver behavior. Analyzing driver behavior is particularly important to school bus companies because the children’s safety and security is vital. You can set parameters to monitor arrival times, excessive speed and aggressive driving. School bus tracking alerts you when something out of the ordinary happens to delay the bus’s arrival, so you can allay the fears of parents and school administrators.

Truck and Fleet Tracking

The right GPS tracking system makes tracking company vehicles simple and effective. GPS truck tracking is becoming more common as businesses and government agencies recognize the benefits of these systems. With improved coordination of assets, faster delivery times and better fleet management, truck tracking systems can dramatically improve efficiencies.

Satelistar truck tracking systems have the right technology and equipment to make it easier than ever for fleet management professionals to effectively cut costs and improve service. Our exclusive system allows fleet managers to observe vehicles remotely, receiving information about vehicle location, direction of travel and status of unit. Historically, reporting system allows you to access the amount of detail needed to observe and correct unwanted trends and determine and lower fuel usage. Satelistar can provide real time data, with as low as 30 second intervals, allowing fleet managers to direct their fleets efficiently.